Programs & Services

The Somali Immigrant Aid Organization (SIAO) was founded in April 1986 as a non-profit organization committed to addressing the immigration, education, health, social, cultural, and economics development needs of Somali-Canadians and other immigrants in Canada, through its program and services. We were incorporated in 1987 and hired our first staff in 1988 to bridge need for information and referral in the Somali language for newcomers predominantly responding to the escalation of civil war in Somalia.

We provided the following to any resident who seeks our support (some services in partnership)

  • Language Instructions for Newcomers (LINC) Program
  • Health and Community Programs (i.e.: PWW, HIV/AIDS)
  • Youth Opportunities program
  • Family Support programs
  • Pre-Employment Development and Employment counseling / Workshops
  • Information and referral services on Immigration, and Housing
  • Community Development & Community economics Development programs
  • Translation/interpretation services