Care for Newcomer Children

A non-profit community-based organization that is committed in addressing the immigration, integration, education, health, housing, social service, culture, and economic development needs of Somali Canadians and other immigrants in Canada through programs, service and advocacy.

CNC program provides care to children whose parents are attending the Language Instruction for Newcomers Program within the organization. Our staff plan activities that are age-appropriate and that foster respect and understanding within a multicultural context. Programs are developed with the focus on five key areas of development: Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Communication/Language. We continue to provide standard care that protects the health and safety of children in our program consistent with Child-Minding Monitoring, Advisory & Support (CMAS) standards.

Newcomer parents receive additional support from Child-minding staff on information, services and referrals to parent-specific programming available to them within the community. We have been actively helping a few families seek assistance in speech and language programs. We continue to be informed on opportunities available to both parents and children.

We welcome collaborations and fruitful partnerships in the upcoming years, to better equip parents, children, staff and the broader community.

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Our current work focuses on building community capacity

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