A non-profit community-based organization that is committed in addressing the immigration, integration, education, health, housing, social service, culture, and economic development needs of Somali Canadians and other immigrants in Canada through programs, service and advocacy.

Somali Immigrant Aid Organization provides a lifeline of needed services for newcomer communities in the Greater Toronto Area. The settlement program is designed to assist immigrant and refugees in overcoming barriers specific to the newcomer so that they can participate in social, cultural, civic and economic life in Canada. The services strive to serve immigrants and refugees with the information required to make informed decisions, language skills adequate to their settlement and integration goals and the support they need to build networks with their new communities.

Each new client undergoes Information and Orientation where a needs assessment is conducted with their assigned settlement worker, who then develops an individualized settlement plan, targeted to their short-term and long-term integration needs.

Outcomes as a result of services, workshops and programs delivered are:

  • Newcomers get information about Canada through formal orientation and information sessions.
  • Individual supports are used to help clients navigate the Canadian Immigration process: deal with family/cultural adjustments; assisted settlement- eligible clients to cope with social services, health, school, banking, and belonging to the local community.
  • Collaborations with community partners to raise awareness of the newcomer with regard to their rights and obligations and responsibilities of Canadian Citizenship and provide educational workshops and information focusing on settlement related topics.


  • Permanent Residents of Canada
  • Protected Persons
  • Individuals selected, inside or outside Canada, to become permanent residents (pending verification) and who have been informed.
  • Convention Refugees and protected persons outside of Canada who have been selected for resettlement in Canada.
  • Live-in Caregivers: Temporary foreign workers who hold or received approval of a work permit are eligible for all settlement services with exception of language training.

Language of services offered: English, Somali, Arabic & Swahil

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